Fertilizer Concentrate

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Fertilizer Concentrate

Our Fertilizer Concentrate is recommended for household plants, urban gardens, lawns, golf courses, nurseries, greenhouses, and hydroponic watering systems.  This fertilizer can also be used every time you water your plants.

House Plants — 1:1000
Greenhouse Plants — 1:1000
Overhead Watering Plants — 1:2000
Hydroponic Growing — 1:1000
Golf Courses — 1:2000
Foliar Feeding — 1:2000
Propagation Water — 1:2000

Always Store in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight and heat. Use within 24 hours after mixing with water. To dispose of the solution, dilute in water before disposing. This Fertilizer Concentrate freezes at 0˚ C or 32˚ F. Freezing does not alter the effectiveness.


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