About us and our patented technology

In our process we start with standard table salt and spring water – the salt molecule (NaCl) is pulled apart by electrical forces creating a special membrane before it is mixed together again. This process gives our product special medicinal properties and extra killing power.   What might seem like a small difference produces a product that kills 99.99% of all bad bacteria, has a 300% longer active shelf life than the leading bleach, and is safe enough to use on even use on produce.   This gives us the opportunity to provide an unmatched level of clean and to anyone looking for the safest way to disinfect.   

Our products are strong oxidizing agents, with a neutral PH and are produced in-house from naturally ocurring elements and eliminates unwanted microorganizsms and pathogens including: Bacteria, Viruses, Molds, Mildews, Fungi, Algae and Microbial Spores.  Our products can also be applied diulted or concentrated as a liquid, mist, fog, ice or steam making making it extremely useful for countless industries.

Since we started

Our goal was to create natural cleaning products that are stronger than other antibacterial cleaners, safer to use, and can be applied to countless industries.  By sticking to these goals we hope to give our customers a new outlook on what it means to clean.  If you already use a similar product at home or at work, we encourage you to give ours a try.  After years of research and development we can say with confidence that we have the worlds most powerful disinfectant.